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Crystals for Libras

| September 23 - October 22 |


This air sign is ruled by the planet venus Libras have high social talents and understand how to deal with the difficulties of human nature. They are great at making friends and adapting to different social groups. However, do not think they are social butterflies. Libras are interested in all things relationships, beauty, pleasure, and art. They are natural peacemakers and value balance and harmony above all else.

To truly understand a Libra you must understand their strengths and weaknesses.

A Libra's strength lies in their ability to judge fairly, see all sides, communicate, and foster balance. They can be Intense, social, goal-oriented, and creative. However, they struggle with maintaining boundaries, standing up for themselves, and making decisions. Libras can come off as attention-seeking, pushy, and unrealistic but this deals with their bigger picture outlook and the desire to have it all. These stones will complement and balance all the qualities Libras have.


If you happen to be a Libra born in October, as opposed to September, your birthstone is opal—and it's a great stone for your sign. Van Doren explains that opal helps balance Libra's "natural inclination toward order and aesthetic beauty so that they don't get stuck in surface-level superficiality."


Apophyllite will help enhance your intuition. The energies of this stone will make your senses sharper and your visions clearer in a way that you cannot help but acknowledge and trust them! Apophyllite can also help you connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels. You will feel their presence in your life, and you will witness the many ways that they make your life better. Apophyllite opens conscious awareness to our Divine connection with Earth, the Angelic Realm, and the Spiritual Realms of truth.


Aquamarine is an exceptional stone that allows one to speak from the heart and to the highest truths constantly. A cooling stone that fills you with serenity, Aquamarine brings the soothing energies of the ocean right to your soul. It eases emotional turmoil and rids you of personal baggage. It connects with the throat chakra, making it excellent for Libras who want to communicate better.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is one of the luckiest stones of all! Its positive energy manifests the deepest wishes and shifts circumstances in your favor. With Green Aventurine, you’ll feel optimistic and possess a newfound zest for life.


Great for opening the heart chakra and promoting love and compassion, Jade is next on this list. And any romantic Libra who wants to increase love (toward others and/or themselves) would benefit from this popular stone.


With feminine energy that is gentle and healing, moonstone is all about new beginnings, harmony, and living your purpose and destiny. This is a powerful crystal to use to help tap into your intuition and even your dreams. For any Libras doubting themselves and their own inner voice, moonstone can remind them that they deserve the best.

Lapis Lazuli

Now we know Libras can be a indecisive since they're so good at seeing all sides of an issue. Being fair and open-minded is a great thing, but not if it keeps you stuck in your thoughts. Lapis lazuli, which is known to encourage honesty in communication and spirit as it helps you access your highest truths and the deepest parts of your soul can help Libras to make decisions.


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